Air-to-Water Technology

Innovative Air Water Generators for Military Survival

Snowbird Water Technologies has developed a platform that provides drinking water to those in need when traditional means of water production and purification are not viable options. Our Air Water Generator (AWGs) products create water from the air as an essential capability in the field.

Snowbird Water Technologies is a division of Snowbird Technologies, a world leader in Environmental Control Units (ECUs) for military and mobile applications. Air Water Generators (AWGs) are now available in various configurations and mobility platforms such as vehicle-mounted or trailer-mounted and can be accompanied by an ECU and a generator system creating a turnkey solution.  

Providing Troops Water When And Where It Is Needed Most

Extracting drinking water from the air changes the way warfighters hydrate in remote or austere locations. The Snowbird AWG produces water from air, using an extremely efficient process by which condensation is collected and treated with an ozonator and UV light, ensuring safe and potable drinking water is produced at the tactical edge of the battlefield.

The capability to produce water without a traditional water source such as lakes, streams, or oceans is a force multiplier for the warfighter on the battlefield. We have developed smaller, military-grade construction AWG units that can support vehicle-born missions with the assurance of this survival technology onboard. No matter how remote, our troops can depend on Snowbird Water Technologies for survival.

Air-to-Water Products & Technology

Specializing in advanced AWG technology, Snowbird Water Technologies offers innovative storage and distribution of water and expeditionary shower systems in various configurations. All platforms are scalable, accept hybrid power system solutions, and are lightweight and man-portable.


Water when it is needed most. Our AWGs are the ultimate survival tool and available in lightweight, portable sizes for easy transport and deployment in any environment.

The Snowbird SAWG28 unit is an ideal fit for ULTVS.

AWG (Air Water Generators)

SAWG28 Small air water generator producing 28 G/day
SAWG14 Small air water generator producing 14 G/day

Trailer-mounted AWG Systems

The Snowbird team is developing high mobility type platforms to provide a complete utility support package on one mobile platform: a military trailer with an AWG mounted with portable power and possibly other support features such as tentage and environmental control.

Expeditionary AWG Shower Systems 

(Trailer & container-based)
Products coming soon